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Zander and Emily's Journal

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Thursday, April 26th, 2001
1:53 am - New Slideshow
This is a very sad one, I must say.... it's a break-up montage to the song August in Bethany by the Juliana Theory. If you've never heard the song, you're missing out. View my Slideshow.

Credit for the images goes to Soapqueen.

current mood: sad

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Wednesday, April 25th, 2001
12:47 am - Graphic of the Day

To help us remember happier times...Emily's fantasy became reality.

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12:46 am - Oh. my. God.
Just rip my heart out, why don't you, Jill? Just rip it out and shove it down my damn throat! I am just so emotionally drained right now... forgive me if my thoughts come out rambled.

Many fans think Emily was way too harsh on Zander. Perhaps that's true, but I honestly think she had to be. If she would have told Zander the truth - that Edward promised not to press charges if she broke up with him - what do you think he would've done? That would have activated that "hair-trigger temper" and Zander would've flipped out on the old man. Definitely not a good thing. Emily was smart in keeping that information from her. That definitely doesn't make it any easier to watch, though.

"Don't give up on me." That line, along with "I've never had anyone believe in me," broke my heart. Not to mention the desperate "I love you's."

Emily was rather calm and collected until Zander starting speaking of love. The fact that she cares about him is evident in that she felt she needed to use violence to carry on the facade. It's backwards, it's twisted, it's painful... it's love.

I can't find the words to convey my feelings, so I'm pasting an excerpt from a post by N2ZEM01 at [the temporary] Heart of Zem message board:

I began to feel emotionally sick as he told her how much he had dreamed of her, had wanted to make love to her (but would WAIT) if that was not okay, and then one big tear formed, as I heard him audibly *GULP,* his voice dropped & sounded hoarse, and he told her, he LOVED her. Zander went for broke and sadly, Emily realized she was going to have to kill his soul, in order to get him to let go (and to keep her promise).

Emily pushed every button she could think of and became increasing *desperate*, as the pain & torture (for both of them) became almost unbearable. At this point an odd (horrific) image popped into my head. I remember the last scenes in the movie, Braveheart, where Mel Gibson (playing William Wallace) is literally being torn apart by huge hooks, sunk into his body (for his refusal to accept the King's "Deal" for a quick death). It was one of the most gruesome things I have EVER seen. Emily & Zander today were the same & I ended up feeling as though I had been "shredded".

Poor Emily finally resorts, even to hitting/pounding on Zander (which was an ultimate weapon & very dangerous, if he HAS been abused, as I suspect). He tried to grab her hold her absorb the blows & kept telling her he loved her. His voice is now gravelly & getting weaker.

She pushed him away grabs up her things & leaps for the door only to have to almost go through it, in order to get out. My own death blow came as I watched her clinging to the outside of the door, sobbing & mouthing ..."I'm sorry," as she hears him howling in pain, inside.

OH GOD, Emily what HAVE you done (to both of you)?

current mood: drained

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Monday, April 23rd, 2001
12:27 pm - Graphic of the Day

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1:37 am - Slideshow: Save Me
I never thought I'd be speaking these words,
I never thought I'd need to say
"Another day alone is more than I can take."
Won't you save me?

Slideshow: Save Me

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Sunday, April 22nd, 2001
7:09 pm - Graphic of the Day
killing me
Designed by me; inspired by The Juliana Theory.

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Saturday, April 21st, 2001
7:55 pm - yourname@zemalways.com
If you would like an email fowarder at zemalways.com, eMail me with your desired username and the address you want it forwarded it to. I'll eMail you back when it is set up.

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7:53 pm - Graphic of the Day
angel standing by

Created by yours truly; inspired by Jewel.

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7:52 pm
Zander and Emily have a very large internet fan base. I am one of those fans. I've always wanted to create a Zem fan page, but have never been completely satisfied with my results. Therefore, I decided to use Livejournal as a means of displaying my Zem creations and thoughts. I hope someone out there likes it :)

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